2020 malware variant has surfaced ..

The malware was first called “Redline Stealer” and uncovered in 2020.  In 2020 it was transported by email or advertising campaigns containing malware  installed by other hacker programs.  They call this new version “Redline Stealer” as well, since then it has taken on the added form of “Lua bytecode“.  Which makes it more stealthier than other malware, but I won’t go on with these technology terms to confuse you.  If you want to learn more in depth about it you can visit the hacker news.

All we can do is re-emphasize that you keep your firewall on medium or high (be leery if the firewall is prompting you that something is trying to be sent), your anti-virus and anti-malware programs are up to date, and use a VPN program when surfing and shopping on the internet.  And most importantly, you scan your computer after reading emails and don’t read emails with attachments (EVEN if it’s from someone you know and trust).  Read our page on viruses and malware on how to turn the preview window off if you are using gmail.  Do a scan after your internet session and a scan after you install a program.  Doing these things will help protect you and your computer/s, but it won’t stop the malware if it’s already installed.

If you or your kids have not installed any programs ending in .zip, .msi or .exe that have been downloaded from the internet or shared, you should be OK.

Gamers are likely the current targets since the malware is installed as part of game cheat code programs.  You should not let your guard down though, since the hackers will probably target other programs and email now the malware has been discovered.  Just make sure you install programs from reputable websites.  If you have a gamer in the house, find out if they have installed a game cheat program.

The makers of the anti-virus and anti-malware should have an update soon that will search your disk and remove the malware from your computer/s.

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