AT&T confirms data breach ..

AT&T has confirmed they had a Data Breach and not a Data Leak as first announced of at least 51 million people personal information.  The data breach included releasing information to the dark web (hackers network) like social security numbers, full name, email, full address, date of birth,  phone numbers…

Customers are urged to be on the look out for phishing (trying to get additional personal information, bank account, credit card…) email spam. Also be aware they will try spam scams since they have your full name and address.  No one from social security should be calling you.

The real problem is the dark web may hold onto your information for years before using it.  You have to stay alert to anything or anyone trying to contact you with this personal data.  Remember to be cautious and leery of anyone asking you for anything via email or phone.

If someone is calling you regarding your financial information , hang up and call the bank or credit card company directly to confirm what the call is about.

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