CDK Warns of Scammers Posing as Support, Calling Customers.

“Stay vigilant: CDK warns of imposters posing as support, threatening customer security.”

CDK Warns: Threat Actors Posing as Support Staff to Target Customers

CDK Global, a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions to the automotive retail industry, has issued a warning to its customers about a new scam that is targeting their personal and financial information.

The company has reported that threat actors are calling customers, posing as CDK support staff, in an attempt to gain access to sensitive information.

The scam typically begins with a phone call from someone claiming to be a representative from CDK’s support team. The caller will often have some basic information about the customer, such as their name and the fact that they use CDK’s services, which can make the call seem legitimate.

However, the caller will then ask for additional information, such as login credentials, credit card numbers, or other sensitive data, under the guise of needing it to resolve a technical issue or to provide support.

CDK has emphasized that its support staff will never ask for sensitive information over the phone, and customers should be wary of any unsolicited calls requesting such information.

The company has also advised customers to verify the identity of anyone claiming to be from CDK support by calling the company’s official support line or by logging into their account through the CDK website.

This type of scam is known as social engineering, where attackers use psychological manipulation to trick individuals into divulging confidential information. It is a common tactic used by cybercriminals, as it can be easier to exploit human psychology than to hack into a secure system.

To protect themselves from this type of scam, CDK customers should be cautious when receiving unsolicited calls, especially if the caller is asking for sensitive information.

Customers should also be aware of other common social engineering tactics, such as phishing emails or text messages that appear to be from a legitimate source but are actually designed to steal information.

In addition to being vigilant, customers can also take steps to secure their accounts, such as using strong, unique passwords and enabling two-factor authentication. CDK also recommends that customers regularly review their account activity and report any suspicious activity to the company’s support team immediately.

The threat of social engineering scams is not limited to CDK customers, as cybercriminals often target individuals and businesses across various industries. It is important for everyone to be aware of the risks and to take steps to protect themselves from these types of attacks.

CDK is committed to the security of its customers and has taken measures to prevent this type of scam from occurring. The company has implemented strict security protocols and regularly provides training to its staff on how to identify and respond to potential threats.

CDK is warning its customers to be on the lookout for threat actors posing as support staff, as they may be attempting to steal sensitive information.

Customers should be cautious when receiving unsolicited calls and should take steps to secure their accounts. By being aware of the risks and taking proactive measures, customers can protect themselves from falling victim to social engineering scams.

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